My name is Shannon McArthur and I play in a band called The Riflery. I also run an artist development team with Aaron Sprinkle. Artists I have worked with include Andy Grammer, Jessie McCartney, Lucy Hale, Tiffany Alvord, Chase Rice, Augustana, Kate Voegele, Rachel Price, Ray Gibson, Bree Lefler, J-Hart, Alyssa Bonagura, Elenowen, Jeremy Lister, and Acceptance. The majority of the artists that I work with come through Instagram referrals via my talent scout, Sharlene Rubillos. If you have been referred, you can have an adult contact me, as I do not accept calls from minors (anyone under age eighteen).

Shannon McArthur is the lead singer/founder of The Riflery and co-founder of the acoustic  duo, Heatseaker. Though his band is his first love, he also enjoys finding new artists to develop from sites including Instagram, Youtube, and Reverbnation. McArthur has produced artists including Dashboard Confessional, Tiffany Alvord, Adam Durtiz, Grace Coletta, and Lorelei Marcell; and has collaborated with artists including Jessie McCartney, Lucy Hale, Chase Rice, Augustana, Kate Voegele, JHart, Alyssa Bonagura, Elenowen, Jeremy Lister, and Acceptance. McArthur has been featured in publications including The Huffington Post, American Songwriter, and Elmore Magazine. His songs have been featured on shows including ABC's "Twisted", Nickelodeon's Degrassi, MTV's "Real World Road Rules Challenge", and VH1's "Tough Love Couples".