There’s something very intriguing about the way Shannon McArthur interacts with his guitar; an indefinable relationship with such a simple instrument that makes one feel like it’s something a little bit more than just a guitar; and when you talk to Carolina-born, Shannon McArthur, you are immediately struck by his unabashed and overwhelming passion for all things music.  Ironic in the fact that rock music and especially rock band music is what makes his heart sing, he works as a solo act. McArthur states…

“I love playing and writing music, but I think I actually may like listening to it even more. Bands like U2, Augustana, The Killers, Copeland, The Script, Jump Little Children. There’s an incredible honestly and vulnerability to all their songs. It’s almost as if the all the members united to face life’s challenges as a team. Music was meant to be experienced in community, and if I ever find that type of band chemistry, I surely will not be opposed to the option. In the mean time, (chuckling) I will continue geeking out and quoting band lyrics with my buddies.” 

…McArthur originally got started playing as an opener for bigger acts such as Colbie Caillat, Tyler Hilton, and Edwin McCain. During this time, McArthur released two self-produced albums, before doing any work in major studios. In April of 2010, McArthur won a radio contest with his original “Anywhere You Want”.  The online station Netherlands Haerlem Radio proclaimed “Anywhere You Want” their April Song of the Month (“Haerlem Radio’s Talent Lab”). After graduating from the University of North Carolina, McArthur spent time touring colleges before making his move to Los Angeles, which served as an incredible foundation for building an extensive repertoire of television placements. You may recognize McArthur’s music from major networks such as ABC and MTV, which have featured several of his singles including, “Chasing You”, “Nervous Wreck at Best”, and “Take Your Time”. After his recent move to Nashville, McArthur is geared up for new songs to come. McArthur states,

“LA has served and continues to serve as an incredible hub of energy for meeting and collaborating with tons of ridiculously talented people. I wouldn’t have been able to step foot in half the studios I have worked in if it hadn’t been for the guys who took chances on me when I first made my move. Some of the most incredible friendships I have ever had in my life came from that town. I feel blessed about how frequently I am able to return for studio work, and I have no intention of letting my relationship with the town fall by the wayside.”

Fueled mostly by his listening experience, McArthur’s main goal is to allow others to feel and experience songs the same way that he has been able to.

“You know that high school, running around like you don’t care, cease the day feeling? It is that feeling that comes to the rescue anytime life get’s down on me. Given, the countless numbers of times that other artists’ songs have taken bad days and flipped them upside down. If I can write a song that does that for someone else, then I will have succeeded.”


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